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CPM Consulting Services, LLC (CPMCS) is a Northeast based project planning and scheduling firm providing CPM scheduling services, schedule analysis, and scheduling training for construction and maintenance industries throughout the United States and the world.

Understanding the need for independent, specialized, and professional CPM scheduling solutions in support of various phases of construction, CPMCS was established to provide guidance and internet based support to our clients in order to ensure delivery of each project on time and within budget.

CPMCS works closely with Owners, Construction Managers, General  Contractors or Subcontractors operating domestically or internationally, to develop realistic, manageable project schedules that provide an opportunity for all parties to succeed. Whether you're project is governmental, municipal, institutional, oil and gas, nuclear, commercial, residential, or private, CPMCS can partner with you to do all of your scheduling on-site or part of the scheduling process remotely via telecommunications, WebEx, fax and our Box for secure file sharing and collaboration anywhere.

As a cost-effective solution to construction planning and scheduling, CPMCS utilizes electronic communication as much as possible.  Utilizing internet interactive sessions such as WebEx, we can bring the owner, construction manager, general contractor, subcontractor, engineer, and schedule together for schedule development and periodic review meetings with each participant in their own office allowing for increase productivity and eliminating traditional travel time and cost.


We are committed to providing our clients with the tools and information they need to make educated decisions and be proactive to the challenges they face.  Every new job we obtain is an opportunity to establish a long and prosperous relationship with our clients by adding value to your project. Through CPM planning and scheduling the common and ultimate goal among all of our services is to assist our clients in achieving a successful project completion.




At CPM Consultant Services LLC, we use only top-of-the-line software such as Primavera P6™ releases 8.2, 7, and 6.2.

Files from older versions of the software can be loaded, as well as Primavera Project Planner™ and P3™ for a lower cost. Other software we utilize includes:

• Primavera SureTrak™
• Pert Chart Expert™
• Primavera Earned Value Management™
• Microsoft® Project
• Acumen™
• Milestones Professional™
• Primavera Pert Master 
  Risk Analysis™

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